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Welcome to Uttarakhand Gramya Vikas Evam Palayan Aayog.




composition of the commission is:

1-      Chairman                                               Chief Minister

2-      Vice Chairman                                         One

3-      Members                                                  Five

4-      Member Secretary                                  Principal secretary/ Secretary Rural  Development

5-      Additional Member Secretary               Additional secretary, Rural  Development

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. S. S. Negi Vice Chairman
2 Mr. Ramprakash Painyuli Member
3 Mr.Suresh Suyal Member
4 Mr. Dinesh Rawat Ghandiyal Member
5 Mr. Anil Singh Sahi Member
6 Smt. Ranjana Rawat Member

         If required, the commission may invite subject matter specialists and officers of different departments as special invitees in its meetings. The administrative department of the commission is the Rural development Department.


The functions of the commission would be:

1- To assess the quantum and extent of out migration from different rural areas of the state.

2- To evolve a vision for the focused development of the rural areas of the state, that would help in mitigating out-migration and promote welfare and prosperity of the rural population.

3- To advise the government on multi-sectoral development at the grassroots level which would aggregate at the district and state levels.

4- To submit recommendations on those sections of the population of the state that is at risk of not adequately benefitting from economic progress.

5- To recommend and monitor focused initiatives in sectors that would help in multi-sectoral development of rural areas and thus help in mitigating the problem of out-migration.

6- To submit recommendations on any other matter assigned to it by the state government


Release of Report on Socio-Economic Development of District Almora

Release of Report on Socio-Economic Development of District Pauri

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